Backfocus Adjustment for replaceable HD lenses

If you have an HD camera with replaceable lens you might experienced times when your shots are “soft”, a euphemism for the image being out of focus. The problem is generally uncaught until you see your footage in your NLE, where it’s too late. The culprit for this problem is the lens back-focus. This video addresses the problem and shows you three different methods for adjusting your back-focus and restore sharpness to your shots. Enjoy!

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  1. Lyne Frappier says:

    Thanks Paolo. Very informative. 🙂

  2. Bill Stetz says:


    Thanks for this very helpful demo.

    On another note, I would have thanked you privately, but cannot find an email address for you. Thank you for your offering of camera color settings which I used in production on my HD100. It was a major enhancement to the quality of my documentaries of late. I credited you, per your general request in “A Handmade Life” (Official Selection of the 2011 Ventura Film Festival). I will send you a copy of the film if you provide me a delivery address. Thanks again for your detail and what must have been extensive effort in providing the very useful docs.


    • Admin says:

      Thank you Bill. I’m glad to see that my little camera adjustment has been useful. I’d love to see your documentary, I will send you the address via PM.

  3. Landon says:

    Hi Paolo,

    Thanks for this tutorial. It’s definitely helpful.
    I’m an aspiring filmmaker with a JVC HD110,
    and I’m doing my best to do the best with what I have.
    Wondering if you might still have a link or copy of TrueColor
    V.3. I’ve looked and looked, and found MANY references, but no
    settings 🙂
    Thanks again for sharing!

    Best Regards,

  4. Bill Magac says:

    Hello Paolo,

    I’m still shooting with a JVC GY-HD250U. I was wondering if you still have the TrueColor v3 scene file settings available for this camera. If you do, would you please email them to me or post them on your web site? I have been using a scene file posted by Tim Dashwood, however, I find the reds and oranges to be off. I would like to try your TrueColor v3 scene file.


  5. Salut je suis Curtis. Merci pour ce cool article sur conseil en referencement.
    Ton Site Backfocus Adjustment for replaceable HD lenses | Paolo Ciccone est une géante source d’infos .

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