Paolo - Headshot by DreamLight Images - Charleston SC
You found me!

I’m Paolo and I’m a photographer in beautifulĀ Charleston South Carolina. My studio is calledĀ DreamLight Images.

Portraits are my passion. I love working with people and discover their uniqueness and beauty.

A portrait can assume many forms. You can have a headshot, suitable for actors, professionals, or employees of a corporation. I like making those, they are simple and to-the-point, but there is a unique challenge in creating a captivating headshot and that is part of the fun.

At the other side of the spectrum, there is the glamour portrait. The fashion-inspired artwork that is meant to showcase a person’s beauty and charm. I love working in that environment.

This is my personal site and in here I post more informal material or talk shop about photography, cinematography and visual arts in general.

Thank you for stopping by.